Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that I’ll buy it

We have this trend particularly within our regular giving asks to say things like…. “for less than you’d pay for a daily newspaper” or “for less than the cost of a sandwich”.
We need to put these in the right place, the sequencing is really important.
Just because it’s “not a lot of money” isn’t a reason to give.
If someone wants to persuade potential supporters to give then they need to inspire.
Focus on the need and the impact that any money will make first.
We used to talk about Problem, Solution and Resolution. They are still a great shorthand for looking at your audience narrative – does it deliver against these?
Don’t get me wrong it’s great if it can be packaged into a small amount, by making it small it definitely removes one of the fundamental barriers to giving and it definitely has a role in the fundraising….but let’s not confuse that with a reason to give money.