Organisational Confidence

I’ve probably worked with somewhere close to 100 different organisations, from very small charities such as Game Conservancy Trust to big Corporates such as Microsoft – and everything in between! One of my consistent observations is that processes, procedures, authority and empowerment of individuals is directly related to how confident the leaders of the organisation Read more about Organisational Confidence[…]

The new mind control

A great article (essay!), if you’ve ever doubted the potential of “nudge” marketing, the power of big data and the influence and the control that ownership of this data gives then read this by Robert Epstein.

Trust and charities – what we really need to understand

There’s a stream of data that clearly and unsurprisingly shows us that trust in charities has decreased and is at a low point (although the relatively recent NFP research suggests it has gone up a little recently). However paradoxically there is also data from some individual charities which shows that their supporters have very high Read more about Trust and charities – what we really need to understand[…]